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PRESTO Edu Centar
Mašićeva 3a, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Skype™: presto.centar
Group courses are held in two terms during the summer, every day four (4) classes, all together 20 classes weekly. The dates for the beginning of the group course for the year 2013 are June 24th and August 5rd.

Individual courses are held over the whole year, and the terms are according to an agreement between us.
Learn with Skype™
In case You are unable to come to Croatia, we are inviting You to try out our on - line system of learning, with the Skype™ video phone - system. Learn individually, semi-individual with your friend or in groups and enjoy at the same time the comfort of Your home. Add our Skype name - presto.centar in the Skype™ system and contact us directly and find out the terms of on - line courses.
Tour through Croatia
Beside services of instructions in foreign languages Presto centre organizes private or group tours through Croatia. We are inviting You to enquire and visit Croatia, the country known by its beautiful national parks and its rich cultural history.
Translation service
In case you need qualitative and prompt service in business or private translation from English to Croatian or multilingual translation from English into some other foreign language, do not hesitate to contact us and enquire.

The translations are done by professional translators and Court interpreters, professors with university degrees, with long-term experience, domestic and experience acquired abr-oad as well, from different fields.
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Are you from a foreign country residing in Croatia?

PRESTO education centre invites You to enroll in the "Croatian for Foreigners" study programme.

Learn Croatian easily with our team of trained professionals! By applying the Presto method we will help you learn communication basics, and you will get acquainted with Croatian culture and customs.

Enter an individual course or join our study groups and have fun!

Your Presto team

Individual courses
Easy and fast tailor made individual program, 30 school hours course one on one with a professor. Ideal for students who are staying in Croatia for some time and would like to learn or improve their knowledge of the Croatian language. The individual course starts whenever you are ready!

Group courses
Every summer in June and July a new course starts which introduces both spoken and written Croatian. Proficiency in conversation is the primary goal though all of the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) are practised thoroughly.

Students are encouraged to develop their communication skills in the Croatian language so that they can use the language confidently and correctly. Special emphasis is placed on pronunciation, intonation, stress and vocabulary building.

Small classes (maximum of 16 students) ensure maximum opportunity for participation and attention to individual needs. The language used as a medium of teaching is English.
There are more specialised intermediate and advanced courses in spoken and written Croatian.

A lively and fun-filled approach offers a unique opportunity for learners to access the language.

Discover Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, a city rich with history. Meet Croatian people and get to know Croatian culture.

Zagreb has a reliable public transportation system (both trams and buses).

Fieldtrips & other
The course includes guided visits to museums, tours of the old/historical part of the town, visit to the famous city lake Jarun with its cafés and night clubs, visit to Maksimir - the most significant Croatian park dating back to 1794 and being the first public promenade in south-eastern Europe, with its ZOO, climbing to a nearby mountain Sljeme - a popular weekend destination for many inhabitants of Zagreb, fieldtrips etc.

Students rooms or private accomodation, apartments for 2 to 4 persons with kitchen and bathroom.

Cost - individual course w.o. housing / 30 school hours of education / 1 to 4 weeks:

The cost of tuition is 550 EUR or 750 USD** and includes: 30 school hours of education. Students can participate in other programs/activities, if available, at an extra cost. If you need an accomodation you can check youth hostels here, hotels here, or call us to help you find a flat or apartment.

Cost - semi-individual course w.o. housing / 30 school hours of education / 1 to 4 weeks:
The cost of tuition is for 2 persons, 425 EUR per or 600 USD** per person. The cost of tuition is for 3 persons, 325 EUR per or 450 USD** per person. It includes: 40 school hours of education. Students can participate in other programs/activities, if available, at an extra cost. If you need an accomodation you can check youth hostels here, hotels here, or call us to help you find a flat or apartment.

Cost - group course* w.o. housing / 1 to 4 weeks:

The cost of tuition is:

1 week   € 250,00 or $ 330,00**
2 weeks € 400,00 or $ 530,00**
3 weeks € 525,00 or $ 690,00**
4 weeks € 600,00 or $ 790,00**

and includes: 20 school hours per week of education, tuition, 1 fieldtrip, workshops, community service projects and cultural activities.

For more information call us on +385 1 4572 507 or send us e-mail.

* group course is held on english language
** price depends on currency exchange rate

Presto education centre is inviting You to enroll in one of the following programs which we hold via the Skype™ system:

- linguistic education: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and 30 other foreign languages
- power reading: accelerate your reading up to 10 times with this fascinating method
- mind mapping: learn this excellent method which has been of a big help to a great number of people, better organizing their time, in the business or educational sense
- fast learning: techniques that will help each pupil and student to understand matter easier and faster, to prepare for exams and trials, to overcome nervousness before exams etc.
- instructions on common subjects in elementary school, highschool and college: maths, physics, geography, biology, chemistry etc.

Each of these programs are being performed individually or in groups on dates agreed with employees of the centre. All lectures are held by professors and qualified personnel with multiannual experience. For quality lectures it is necessary to posess a web cam and phones with microphone and fast internet connection as well.

For further information please contact us via e-mail or phone + 385 1 457 25 07 or via the Skype™ System, Skype™ name presto.centar.

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Presto centar invites You to join us in new multimedially equipped rooms with air condition, which will help You to make learning pleasurable experiance.

Presto - škola s 5 zvjezdica
Stars that shine for You in our school

- kind staff
- professional teachers
- high quality education
- pleasant atmosphere
- original course books

and many others... Come around and see it for yourself!

Always a good price
Through assurance of favorable prices, you can always be sure that You can only gain with us. If you find the same offer in some other school at a cheaper price, do not hesitate to contact us and You will get an additional 10% discount on the price You brought to us from the other school!
Our clients about us
We are always checking whether our students are fully satisfied;

I liked the most the fact that my teacher was always ready to help me, even after the classes...“
- Maja P., Zagreb

In another school I didn't manage to learn in two terms as much as here in only one term. The teacher is fantastic ! "
- Ivana M., Zagreb

Finally a school with a pleasant atmosphere and cozy classrooms..."
- Milan T., Zagreb

Although they had told me at the beginning, I thought everything was a commercial trick, but when i had finished the first term. I was thrilled. And of course I enrolled in the higher level of the course. "
- Iva R., Zagreb

hence, don't believe in the advertisments, check for Yourself...
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